Is ‘In Contempt’ the new source for dating advice?

In Contempt is the new drama series currently on BET network. The show is produced and created by 'Law & Order' Terri Kopp. #renewincontempt The show is currently in the process of either be renewed or cancelled! Scary stuff... We’ve got so much more story for Tracy in Season 2. Plus stories for Gwen, Charlie, … Continue reading Is ‘In Contempt’ the new source for dating advice?


Favourite TV Show: Queen Sugar

I can appreciate great narrative as I write short novels. I was concerned and related to each character. And the show did not have to depend on a gripping drug storyline like the Netflix hit show 'Breaking Bad'. Queen Sugar is a TV drama on OWN network and is set on a 800 acre sugarcane … Continue reading Favourite TV Show: Queen Sugar