My Experience of Bas at XOYO

I am a huge fan of Bas’ so it just made sense to blog about it. The first ever concert I attended was Watch The Throne in 2013 at the O2 Arena. And I enjoyed it so much that I was walking on clouds! I heard Bas’ songs on the Revenge of the Dreamers 2 compilation album in 2015 and not too long after that he dropped his second studio album Too High To Riot and the rest was history!

If you haven’t already noticed judging by the content on my blog…I am a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap.

I began to deeply appreciate the genre when I listened to every song of the legendary Tupac Shakur back when I was in secondary school. And now, I compare every rapper to him!! So when I first heard Bas, I was convinced!! He was so transparent and honest in his music. His flow and wordplay was incredible! (For any wordsmith lover out there to appreciate the skill) But do not worry, I am not going to  be a Hip-Hop nerd and deconstruct his lyrics as I like to keep my blog posts simple and light.

When a close friend of mines told me that he was coming to London I messaged back with numerous dancing emoji’s. Then I proceeded to spend on impulse and buy my ticket. I was not applying the delayed gratification that I’ve been practicing). This was an exception. I purchased my ticket all the way in April. So you can imagine the anxiety as I counted down every single day!! I took some time off work and because I had planned to see Tink. You can click here to see what I thought about her performance last week. And I had a chance to see George The Poet last week.

But enough of all that, let me talk about how I felt about the Bas’ performance.

I missed the opening acts but walked in just as The Hicks were ending their set. I was shocked at how packed the room was. It was a mission to find a good spot to stand but we found one. Bas kicked off the show with his song “Too High To Riot“.

“F**k all the leaders that’s too high off power
They do all the lying and treat us like prisoners
I mean who is the enemy here?
You are or I am, but you are not real enough power
Despite all the dirt that you’re doing
You do all in hiding, but I am no better
I can see all of your terrors
Still remain in quiet and wonder in private and silence
Like if I just speak on it, would the people go buy it?”

Bas picture perfroming

He walked out onto that stage in a oversized white tee gripping the microphone like his life depended on it as he rapped his soul out to the energetic crowd!

However, a few songs in, I was a little shocked when he abruptly announced that he was going to get a drink at the bar! He dropped his mike and proceeded to get down from the stage. We were obligated to listen to his new music as he got himself a drink!! When he got back on the stage he picked up the energy and picked a random fan from the crowd to get up on the stage and fill in for J- Cole’s part on the song “Lit“.  Halfway through the show England scored a goal in the World Cup against Columbia. The crowd started singing the England football anthem and Bas was bewildered!! Until he understood what was happening. It was hilarious! Overall I enjoyed myself but wished the music would’ve been a little louder as the crowd was louder than the music at times. Also I noticed that Bas raps really fast on his tracks and he was unable to pick up the pace on the stage!  But my love for him has not changed and I am excited for his future projects.



  1. I mean, thank you for introducing me to BAS, I will definitely need to do some research. I love that you are a Hip hop fan who clearly knows her stuff. You are unique and it shows a different side to your personality. I love your concert reviews sis, keep them coming!



    1. Thank you for reading! Yes it was funny when he went to the bar! And I had a lot of fun seeing him perform live!! Thanks for the comment xxx


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