My experience of Tink’s Winter’s Diary Tour

Timbaland’s interview on the American syndicated radio show called ‘The Breakfast Club’ catapulted her into fame when he compared her to the living legend Lauryn Hill.

A female artist that could rap, sing and write her own songs?

He goes on the explain that his interns, at the time, played some of her songs and he was blown away.  So of course I decided to listen to her music.

During this period she released ‘Winter’s Diary 2 & 3′ and a single called ‘Million‘ a remake of Aaliyah’s classic hit ‘One in a million‘.

Unfortunately because of label issues she never released a studio album.

So I was shocked when I discovered she was performing in London.

Last night she performed at the O2 Academy in Islington and I expected to see a long queue but I was able to walk right in.

I did not have to show my I.D. or my ticket which I thought was strange.

Entertainment was provided by the DJ and some opening acts.

But sadly, it was a lacklustre performance and I was disappointed.

The title of the tour led me to believe that she would perform songs from her mixtapes but she only performed for half an hour with songs from her new ep called Pain & Pleasure. Which I think is a great body of work but doesn’t compare to her mixtapes WD2&3.

I expected to see a  live performance with a band but sadly that did not happen.

But on a positive not, I noticed that her fans were loyal and sang the words to every song. I was happy that she performed two of my favourite songs which are ‘I Like‘ and ‘Million‘. The energy of the crowd was incredibly contagious as everyone was enjoying themselves. Additionally, I went to this concert on my own! Yes, you read that correctly. I have never done that before which was exciting! So I guess it wasn’t all that bad…

Check out her music and tell me what you think.

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  1. Sissssss I didn’t know you went!!!

    I have to agree with you, I WANTED more from this concert and I didn’t get it. Very bittersweet but what can we do? Tink wasn’t on for long & she didn’t sing most of her songs from Winter diary *sigh*! I expected so much more! I still love her though, she got me through a terrible time in my life.

    Also, nothing wrong with going to a concert on your own. Xxx


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    1. I should have announced it but forgot to lol I am happy somebody else went so you can fully relate! I still love her too and will continue to support!

      Thank you 🙂 I was trying to face one of my fears but I had fun.

      Thanks for supporting and reading xxx


  2. OMG I remember when Tink first came out and I really thought she would’ve blown up and it sucks that she hasn’t. She truly is talented and still working on her craft despite her all the record label stuff. I think so many people aren’t aware of all the components it takes to be signed and to make it. Talent only takes you so far, you have to have a personality and be engaging and be able to perform with said talent and most importantly you need awesome management to fight for your greatness and network! I really like Tink, I hope she gets to where she needs to…On the bright side, I think that’s super cool that you went to a concert by yourself 😀

    xx Lena |

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Yeah it is a shame in her case but I will continue to support her! And thank you it was scary but I enjoyed going alone! It boosted my confidence xxx


  3. I believe Tink is so underrated. It’s crazy because she gets so much love from her fans. She reminds me of Jasmine Sullivan, you know they didn’t want to give her a deal because they didn’t want someone who sings and rap! So I believe the talent in those two women are always going to be underrated. Tink just need to be independent and collaborate with others.

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    1. Thank you! I agree! She just recently went independent!! Hopefully she does more collaborations and puts herself out there! Thank you for reading and commenting xxx


  4. I had to comment because I went too! I wish she sang “HML” and “Time” basically more songs. I thought the U.K. DJs were good and she did have a few support acts which was good (I loved Lady Leshur Energy). I agree she should have performed longer especially as she kept on saying she came all the way from Chicago!!

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