Is ‘In Contempt’ the new source for dating advice?

In Contempt is the new drama series currently on BET network. The show is produced and created by ‘Law & OrderTerri Kopp.

in contempt


The show is currently in the process of either be renewed or cancelled!

Scary stuff…

The main storyline focuses on Gwen Sullivan who is played by actress Erica Ash.
She is strong, passionate and… addicted to caffeine.
It’s how she wins all her cases as a Public Defender; passionately defending underprivileged citizens.

It created the perfect balance of seriousness and humour as we watched her win; case after case triumphing as she overcame every obstacle.

When she finally sits down and has a ‘heart to heart‘ with her father she recieves an epiphany. She had rushed into the relationship because she was afraid. She had struggled to find a man that could handle her strong personality. As a result of this, she tried to emulate his ex…And then he became her ex.

Whew, get it?

I think I relate to female protagonists that are very ambitious and career driven.

I liked her best friend and roommate Tracy Campbell played by actress Megan Hutchings. She unlike Gwen, was liberated and threw way all the conventional dating rules.

Instead she had a few of her own… which made her seem incapable of showing or feeling any emotions! She recklessly played men like a game of chess and for me, this made her the most entertaining character.

I guess it was because I had grown so used to women being portrayed as hopeless romantics. So it was refreshing to see a female protagonist who did not fit the typecast. However, let me be clear: I do not agree with any of her choices. Because it did eventually catch up to her!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show. It wasn’t a whole heap of dialogue and drama. Instead it presented real people facing real challenges.

It touched on the Black Lives Matter movement and injustice in the American legal system.

There were themes of betrayal, dishonesty and loyalty.

And season one left us in such a suspense that I am curious to know what will happen next.

But, is In Contempt the new source for dating advice?

Yes, I mean you could either be like Gwen and have that ideal man or be like Tracy and toy with men. See how I did that? I just resolved all of your boyfriend problems!

Be sure to watch In Contempt on BET or BET NOW App on Android or Apple.
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  1. I feel like I relate to both female characters! Sometimes I’m worried like, is my personality too strong? And other days it’s like these men have to be given the same medicine 😭😭

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  2. I absolutely love court room dramas so I think I need to give this a go! I hope it gets renewed for a new season, there’s nothing worse than not getting the answers to ‘what happened next’ after a cliffhanger!
    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading it. Yeah, it’s not the most popular show but I really enjoyed it and I’m picky with shows! The female characters literally made the show lol we rock! Thanks again x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Didn’t hear about this show until now. Am I living under a rock? Whoa!
    Glad to know that this show focuses more on portraying real characters as opposed to drama which is so much prominent on TV today. Such a relief. Gotta check this out this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have never watched In Contempt, but now I am curious to check it out! I think its an interesting idea to juxtapose dating women into the two stances here, but obviously many women fall somewhere in between too. Thanks for the post!

    Lauren //

    Liked by 1 person

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