Dear 2020…

What can I say? I really just wanted to round up the events of the year. It made sense to do that as the year ends. I'm proud of myself for putting out content during this difficult year. And if you've done the same, pat yourself on the back! It's not as much as I... Continue Reading →

The Fall Bloggers Tag

I have been nominated by Erica at Blog Life With Erica. Thank you. It has been ages since I've been tagged. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers award and nominated in the This & That tag two years ago! Here is the link to her original post. THE RULES: Thank the person who tagged... Continue Reading →

Getting through Winter

Disclaimer: This is not a post about how great winter is or a list of all the exciting things to do in Winter like: drinking hot chocolate, having snow fights or going ice-skating skating. If you haven't already noticed: I love summer, a lot.With all that has happened this year, it can't only be me... Continue Reading →

Staying true to yourself

I wanted to talk about self-identity and how you can discover yours. I believe we've all had an identity crisis where we've questioned who we are and who we want to be. I haven't seen many posts on this topic so I decided it was a subject I wanted to write about. I've always been... Continue Reading →

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