Rant about writer’s block

If you're like me and you're struggling with finding something to write about or you're a perfectionist then... this is for you. I battle with getting past a first draft. No seriously, I have drafts that are more than 2 years old. I'm conscious of my grammar, my spelling, and most importantly, staying on topic!... Continue Reading →

You deserve better

Do standards even exist in dating? (Grab yourself a cup of tea- this is going to be a long one) I've noticed that I have been made to feel guilty about my standards in the past. It made me wonder, were standards an archaic concept? I understand standards to be wanting better for yourself and... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Podcasts

Happy New Year!!! Let's hope this is a good year. I thought I'd kickstart this year with some of my current and go to podcasts. If you had asked me a year ago to write anything on podcasts I would've declined. I preferred to see what I listened to. I wasn't a fan of just... Continue Reading →

Dear 2020…

What can I say? I really just wanted to round up the events of the year. It made sense to do that as the year ends. I'm proud of myself for putting out content during this difficult year. And if you've done the same, pat yourself on the back! It's not as much as I... Continue Reading →

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