Is it good to be single?

For my whole life I've had a strange relationship with the word "single". It has taken on different meanings. It has changed at different stages in my life. And I've been thinking about it a lot as I've reached my thirties. I've realised I've spent so much time on failed relationships because of social pressure.... Continue Reading →

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Successful Adulting: The importance of Self-Love

I have spent some time learning how to love myself and accept who I am. I have briefly mentioned the importance of self-love in my Successful Adulting series. But this is an actual post dedicated to it. Last year was difficult because I couldn't create content for my blog due to being uninspired. This led... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on: Dating in 2018

I was shying away from this subject initially because dating is different for everybody. But then I thought; why not share some of my inner thoughts and feelings? Dating has changed ever since the invention of the internet and because of how sophisticated it is- we can meet people all over the world or local... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Movies

I love watching movies. I love Action, Sci-Fi, Gangster/Crime, Comedy and Romance. But there's only one genre I detest: Horror movies! The closest I can get to watching a scary movie is a Psychological Thriller! I would like to share my favourite movies with you. These are the movies that I can't get enough of,... Continue Reading →

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